Fountain Inn, South Carolina

There are a variety of housing options in the area along with local amenities and easy access to nearby attractions. Fountain Inn has more than its share of exquisite properties, attractive lot sizes and old southern charm for you to choose from! The Fountain Inn real estate market, our hidden gem, is bursting with choices for all!

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Housing is often the largest expense we face each month. The average monthly home ownership costs for owners with a mortgage in Fountain Inn is $1,072, which is lower than the nation as a whole. About 69.8% of owners and 61.3% of renters pay less than 30% of their income toward housing expenses, a measure of affordability. Owners make up 63.1% of housing units. 26.6% of the housing units are occupied by renters. 80.4% of homes in Fountain Inn were built after 1990. 74.7% of all housing units in Fountain Inn have three bedrooms or more.

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Business and Economy in Fountain Inn, SC
Being a great place to live also means being a great place to work. A thriving economy helps the tax base (so there’s more money for city improvements) and helps a city attract and retain talent.

  • Top Industries in Fountain Inn, SC: There are 51,130 business establishments in Fountain Inn’s Greenville County with fewer than 10 employees, which is a good indicator of the entrepreneurship in the community. Another 16,656 business have between 10 and 50 employees, 3,444 have between 50 and 250, and 558 businesses have more than 250 employees.
  • Employment in Fountain Inn, SC: While employment opportunities often play a big part in why people move, a city’s unemployment rate also is a major indicator of an economy’s overall health. Regardless of whether personal employment is a factor, lower unemployment rates often mean a region is better able to attract and retain skilled workers, new industries and retailers. View a statistical snapshot of employment in Fountain Inn, SC.

Schools in Fountain Inn, SC

The quality of a school district is often a top factor for parents considering where to live. Strong school systems attract new residents and help their cities prosper.

  • There are 54 public elementary schools in Fountain Inn, part of the Greenville County School District.
  • Additionally, there are 22 high schools and 72 middle schools in Fountain Inn, with more than 1,630 students enrolled in public schools in Fountain Inn.

Health & Healthcare in Fountain Inn, SC.

Access to quality hospitals, doctors and health-care providers is just part of what makes a healthy community.

  • Fountain Inn residents have access to 27 acute care hospitals within 60 miles.
  • Fountain Inn residents are in Greenville County. Greenville County ranks 5th for health outcomes, 4th for health factors and 5th for healthy behaviors in South Carolina.
  • Residents spend 5.7% less than the national average on health care-related goods and services.
  • Residents of Fountain Inn have access to 24 acute care hospitals within 60 miles with an average emergency room wait time of 46.6 minutes.

If you are looking for more information you may find our relocating tools very useful as well as our local resources guide. If have any questions about housing in the area, please feel free to contact Brian O’Neill – “The Tattooed Agent,” your Fountain Inn real estate agent!

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