Why Winter is a Great Time for Trimming Your Trees

by | Mar 1, 2018 | 0 comments

If the past few ice storms or over-abundance of wind and rain didn’t make you think about trimming your trees you might want to actually look into it now. Thanks to the Norwich Bulletin, you’ll understand the benefits of Winter tree care.




Many homeowners pay little attention to their trees and bushes once colder weather arrives, but seasonal maintenance done during these months can be incredibly beneficial, not only for the plant but for you as well. So grab your tools and your gloves, it’s time to get started on your winter tree pruning.

What trees or shrubs should you prune during the winter? There are several species of trees or shrubs that can be pruned during the winter months, but you can categorize them into three easy-to-remember groups:

  • Hardwood trees. Pruning hardwood trees in the winter is easy, thanks to their lack of foliage. Branches should be cut just above the branch collar, the space where the limb and the tree come together. Clippers can be used to trim smaller branches, but for larger sections or dying plants, use the Husqvarna 450 chainsaw. Its auto return stop switch makes it easier to handle.
  • Fruit trees. Similar to their hardwood cousin, winter is also a great time to prune fruit trees. Each species of fruit tree has special considerations you must take into account, however, so research your species before pruning. Once you’re finished, your efforts will be rewarded in the spring with larger, more delicious fruit.
  • Shrubs and/or trees that flower. Want the best blooms next summer? Prune any tree or shrub that flowers after May 15 later on in the winter. To handle those projects efficiently, use the Husqvarna 136LiHD45 hedge trimmer.


Experts say winter is a great time to put your home on the market, thanks to traditionally diminished competition among sellers. Furthermore, a recent study by Redfin shows that sellers can often make more money when they sell during the colder months of the year, and that homes sold between December through March are often on the market for shorter periods of time: an average of 26 days, as opposed to 33 days.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE…Winter Tree Trimming

We recently had two of our trees cut down due to the roots that were tearing up our driveway. Not only did our yard look better but we could park our cars in the driveway without getting filthy again from the birds and berries! It’s hard to find good work and a good price so we want to share our “tree guy” with you because he does a phenomenal job at a fantastic price!

Do your own research, shop prices and find what works best for you…but we highly recommend Jason Gillespie with Southern Roots Tree Care. All of his contact information is on our Home Service & Repairs page but you’re welcome to check him out personally on Facebook too!