5 Steps to a Summer-Worthy Deck

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5 Steps to a Summer-Worthy Deck

Summer is here (!!!) which means you need to take a hard look at your deck. Given winter’s inclement conditions, there’s a good chance your deck is in need of some attention. Here are some quick and easy steps for getting it in shape:

#1 Clean your deck.

Regular cleaning prevents your deck from graying and looking worn down. You can employ a few different methods to keep it spotless:

  1. Use a hose: Use a garden hose with a spray nozzle to get rid of debris and dirt.
  2. Pressure wash: High-pressure water can get between slats and take off any stubborn debris. The cost to pressure wash a deck is about $250.
  3. Scrub it down: For really harsh debris, you might need to get down on your hands and knees to remove the buildup or stains.

#2 Check for repairs.

5 Steps to a Summer-Worthy Deck

Once the deck is clean, you can inspect for any potential damage points. Keep an eye out for:

  • Broken boards
  • Missing stain
  • Termite holes
  • Cracks

You can DIY most of these problems, but if you have termites infesting your deck, think about hiring a pest control service. Otherwise, consider replacing boards or re-staining the surface.

#3 Sand it down.

If your stain is stripped away, consider sanding the surface. If you don’t want to spend all day sanding, you can rent a floor sander. After you’ve sanded your decking smooth, apply a finish.

#4 Stain or seal your deck.

Staining a deck will prevent further damage

Once you’ve sanded down the surface, think about sealing or staining. Finishes help protect against water damage, mildew and inclement weather. Here are some considerations when determining whether to seal or stain a deck:

  1. Seal: Seal your deck if you like a natural look. Sealing your deck will cost about $790 and you can choose from a variety of sealing products.
  2. Stain: Staining will cost about $850, depending on the size of the deck. You can stain your deck in different colors and finishes.

#5 Consider a brightener.

5 Steps to a Summer-Worthy Deck

Use a brightener if your deck has stains or grey spots. You can apply brightener using a garden spray hose. A fresh coat of brightener will renew the appearance of your deck without expensive and time-consuming repairs.

The Decking Conclusion

5 Steps to a Summer-Worthy DeckMake sure to keep your deck in shape with regular maintenance and cleaning. Most of these jobs you can do as DIY projects. But don’t be afraid to call a deck professional when the situation is beyond your expertise.