3 Strategies for Shorter Market Times

by | Mar 1, 2018 | 0 comments

There is no right or wrong time to list your home; it really depends on your timeline. However, when preparing to sell your home there are some strategies to consider and maybe some repairs or updates you’ll need to complete prior to listing. All of these apply whether you choose to list with an agent or go it alone.

Seasonal Listing

If you’re looking for less market time you’ll want to consider seasonal market movement. For example, spring and summer months typically have more activity while fall and winter months are less active; however, the lack of competition gives rise to a more captive audience. Also, consider that most people who are looking to buy in the fall and winter months are typically doing so as a result of job relocation or other factors that make them more motivated to buy. Here are 3 Strategies for Shorter Market Times:

  1. Have Your Home Inspected
    Overcoming a buyer’s objection with a home inspection can eliminate unexpected surprises. It’s far better to consider a listing price after you’ve addressed any necessary repairs and improvements; this allows you to limit potential surprises and market your home with confidence.
  2. Present Your Home in the Best Light
    While your family photos and the kid’s kindergarten clay flower pots have made your home – well YOUR home – potential buyers need to envision their own home. By using neutral wall hangings and colors – you are helping your potential buyer create their own dream home.Bottom line, the less personal your home appears the more personal it can be for potential buyers.
  3. Entice Buyers with Low-Threshold Giveaways
    Adding some low-threshold giveaways to sweeten the sale can attract serious, qualified buyers. Some ideas include offering a:
  • Home Warranty. Did you know a home with a warranty sells over 20 percent faster than one without? It’s a small investment and can make your offer more attractive when a buyer is deciding on a home.
  • Closing Cost Credit. The additional funds can help you not only seal the deal, but help your buyers purchase the extras they’ll need after moving.
  • Point to Buy Down the Rate. Offering one percent of the loan amount to help buy down your buyer’s rate can help open up the door to more borrowers. A one percent difference in rate translates into a reduced monthly payment for potential buyers.

At the end of the day, planning and being clear about goals prior to listing your home can give you an edge over others listing in your market.